How to view off limit websites, including Russian ones

Started by Bossman, Aug 04, 2023, 11:28 AM

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If you are using a computer where you can install a choice of browsers then you can install the Opera Browser.  This browser has a VPN option which is dead easy to use.  I have been surprised that it works well enough for me to visit and read the news on websites deemed to be off-limits by the EU / UK authorities.  Believe me, some Russian News Sites are so much more level headed in their approach to the daily news.  Whether or not they can be deemed Russian propaganda is another issue, though.  As far as I can make out a great deal of the posts are far from being so, whereas our own?

The above VPN service is free but very limited.  If you would like to use a VPN for long periods whereby you deal with a great deal of data then you would need to sign up with one of the many VPN services now being offered.  I use a service provided by Namecheap.  It works well.  Namecheap are always offering a discount of sorts and sometimes you can take advantage of one hell of a saving.