Utter Madness: Tata steel: What do plans mean for UK's carbon footprint

Started by Bossman, Jan 19, 2024, 09:01 AM

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Climate change targets as well as cost pressures are behind a major overhaul of the UK's largest steelworks.

Tata's Port Talbot plant is also the UK's biggest single emitter of planet-warming carbon dioxide.

The company's plans to shut its blast furnaces could cut Wales' carbon emissions by as much as a fifth.

But critics say the local community's paying an unfair price with thousands of jobs lost.

One think tank said it showed the UK and Welsh governments were failing to deliver a "just transition"
to a greener future.

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Admin's Response

So they will shut down the blast furnaces in the UK, but will transfer their steel-making activities to India?  How is this move going to reduce emissions?  India will now make the steel using far more coal and the like.  Bonkers.

Our steel making capabilities are reducing to practically zero.  This is dangerous and bodes ill for the future should there be some sort of emergency.