Houthi rebels ban UK and US ships but allow Russia and China to send vessels through Red Sea

Started by Bossman, Jan 19, 2024, 06:21 PM

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Houthi spokesperson Muhammed al-Bukhaiti criticised the UK and the US for their role in the war in Gaza

Houthi rebels have banned UK and US ships from passing through the Red Sea, but have granted safe passage to both Russian and Chinese vessels.

This comes as both the UK and US destroyed dozens of military targets last week in Yemen, with the Houthis vowing to extract "unimaginable" revenge.

Muhammed al-Bukhaiti, spokesperson for the Yemeni rebel group, slammed the UK and the US for their role in the war in Gaza.

He stated that all vessels that have no links to Israel will be safe to pass through the region.

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Admin's Response

A few missile strikes against Houthi rebels will not stop them.  They have survived an absolute onslaught from Saudi Arabia.  Tunnels here and tunnels there.  Tunnels all over the place, apparently. 

The world is being reshaped.  On the one side, we have countries who are no longer willing to allow the US to bully them, and on the other, we have the US, UK and the EU going about their business of alienating all those who associate with them, whilst effectively peeing off their own people at the same time.