The Great Taking by David Rogers Webb

Started by Bossman, Jan 23, 2024, 11:51 AM

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I count false words the foulest plague of all.
Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound

If you prefer, consider this a work of fiction, or the ravings of a madman.
Perhaps I am crazy.

I know that you will not hear what I am struggling to tell you—not yet.
But, perhaps as things unfold, this writing will offer some explanation
of what is happening.

In my mind as I write this is the small hope that my children might one
day come to understand me a little, and, perhaps, forgive me for being
who I have been. It has been unavoidable for me to see and know about
unpleasant things, which are now becoming manifest.

Presently, as we well know, families are divided. People are experiencing a kind of isolation, perhaps not physically, but in spirit and mind. This has been made to happen through the dark magic of false news and narrative. This alone has been a great crime against humanity. The tactical purposes are many: to confuse and divide; to cause disengagement; to demoralize; to instil fears and to introduce false focal points for these fears; to manipulate the historical narrative; to create a false sense of the present reality; and ultimately, to cause people to
acquiesce to what has been planned.

Facing this onslaught how can one know anything? Direct knowledge acquired through ones own experience and the personal experiences of others may be used to pierce these false narratives. Living memory contains clues. What has been done before can be done again.

Admin's Response

I thought this would be quite dry, yet another depressive outpouring much like many others I have read, but this was not so.  I haven't finished the book, but the first 25 pages of the prologue are fascinating.  It really drives home how the US once was and why the author began his journey at such a young age to find out what was behind it all. I should think the rest of the book will be just as entertaining and informative.   

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