PIR Ceiling Occupancy Motion Sensor to activate lights?

Started by Bossman, Jan 24, 2024, 11:24 AM

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In my kitchen and the attached room I have 2 led lighting strips.  One consumes 20W (kitchen), emitting warm light, whilst the other consumes 30W emitting cool white light.  I turn them off and on using PIR Ceiling Motions Sensors.  This setup works great.  I simply walk into the room and the lights turn on without me having to do anything.  They turn off when I exit the room without me having to do anything. 

The lights and motion sensors seem to be very reliable, though I just renewed one motion sensor after 2 years of use, but it might not be faulty.  Somewhere in the circuit there was a crackling going on.  It might well have been a loose connection, or something along those lines.  I shall test the supposedly faulty unit at some other time. 

Apart from the fact the LED lighting strips emit loads of light for less energy expenditure than ordinary lights, the fact the lights are never left on also saves money.  These days it is all about efficiency after all.

Hard to wire in?

A dawdle really.  The LED strip lights weigh next to nothing with only 2 wires to fiddle with.  The PIR sensor has 3 wires. Again, it is very easy to wire up.

I swear by this type of stuff, as it saves money and works so well.

The PIR sensor ...

Ebay search link, here

The LED lighting strip ...

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