Border Farce: UK Hires Private Boats for £36 Million to Bring Channel Migrants Ashore

Started by Bossman, Jan 24, 2024, 12:43 PM

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The British government has reportedly hired a fleet of private boats to help the Border Force bring illegal Channel migrants ashore at a cost to the taxpayer at least £36 million.

According to a report from The Times of London, the UK Home Office — the government body responsible for controlling immigration and protecting the country's borders — has signed a contract worth £36 million for the hiring of a "charter of vessel(s) to support small boats operations in the Dover Straits".

The contract, which is set to come into force in April and will last until at least the end of March next year, will mean that private vessels will assist the Border Force in picking up migrants in the English Channel and bringing them ashore in Britain.

The government was forced into seeking private assistance to deal with illegal migration because of further delays to plans to replace the ageing fleet of cutters currently used by the Border Force, some of which are over 20 years old and need frequent repairs to remain operable.

While the government set aside £224 million to begin procuring five new cutters and six coastal patrol vessels in April of 2022, the process of replacing the current Border Force fleet was first pushed back to April of 2024 and now is not expected to begin until March of 2026.

In addition to the £36 million earmarked for private boats, the government also shelled out £9 million on refurbishing the outdated Border Force vessels to hopefully keep them running for a further five years.

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Admin's Response ...

There is a drive to swamp the UK, Europe and the US, all the west, with migrants.  This has been the case for decades.  Those behind this drive are extremely powerful, able to pull as many strings as they see fit to achieve their goal.  Unless we realise this, and point a finger, or fist, in their direction, they will continue their evil ways, leaving the place in absolute chaos.  See just two attached videos below to see what I mean.

Biden states his intention clearly in this attached video.  Sitting next to him is Alejandro Mayorkas, who is the head of Homeland Security, who, with Biden's help, is also working towards the same, that being to swamp the US with migrants come what may.  Oh, I think I should mention that he is Jewish.  Is the fact he is Jewish of any significance?  See the 2nd attached video below.

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And here we have Barbara Spectre outlining the important role the Jews have taken upon themselves to move Europe towards multiculturalism.  Speaking from Sweden by the way, which has been utterly demoralised and far more besides from such interference.

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