War with Russia? (Facebook rant)

Started by Bossman, Jan 24, 2024, 07:29 PM

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War with Russia?

They are really ramping up the anti-Russia rhetoric right now.  The Ukraine war is a complete disaster, but they will never admit that.  Instead, they are preparing us for something far worse.
We really are under the thumb with regard to homicidal maniacs, psychos and sociopaths.  They are everywhere, in all positions of authority.  Their mangled thoughts are being promulgated by a bought and paid for media, and we are falling for it all yet again (except the likes of me).

What do they want?

WAR is what they want, here, there and everywhere.  War is the answer to so much as far as these warmongers are concerned.  It has always been the case.  When citizens are on the verge of mass disobedience for instance, they instigate a war. 

Russia is in the cross-hairs, as I said would be the case years ago.  It is in the way.

Who is doing all of this?  Well, I think you know who, as far as I am concerned, by now. 

Christ, we really are living in a world-wide madhouse.  How do we live through it all whilst retaining our sanity, I would like to know?

Maybe I don't need to think too much about all of this BECAUSE RUSSIA IS A NUCLEAR POWER!  Who will press the nuclear button first?  I know one thing, Putin will sure as hell sink the UK should the s*** really hit the fan.  I should think we will be the first to go.