My shares trauma

Started by Bossman, Jan 26, 2024, 10:28 AM

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I have taken a hammering because of UK sanctions against Russia. There is one share, though, that is troublesome for other reasons.

I bought in at 23p a share. Through devious means, the share price has been allowed to fall away to next to nothing. This was, and is, so severe I thought the company was going to fold. They might yet. The price per share fell to 0.03 p at one time. I wrote it off, the whole thing. But, there appears to be a little life left and the price has jumped nearly 150% today. So, the only thing I could do, really, was to buy more shares! Why? Because spending just 10% of my initial gamble (you are gambling, I suppose) brought my average price right down to 0.9 p per share. Just imagine how much my shares would be worth if it returned to 23p a share! A life-changing amount. All this damn thing has to do now is hit 1p per share and I will be in profit. BUT, it might be the last dying gasp before the thing collapses entirely. All I can do is wait it out.