So we have joined the US and attacked the enemy in Yemen?

Started by Bossman, Jan 26, 2024, 10:30 AM

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So we have joined the US and attacked the enemy in Yemen?

They are building up to attack Iran, and we are going to be dragged into the conflict. The US / UK warmongers are drooling over the prospect.

Iran? Russia will not stand by and let the place be blitzed, and neither will many other countries, such as Turkey, Egypt to name but a few.

If WW3 is what they want, AND THEY DO, then they are well on their way to achieving it.

Here we go, a war to distract us yet again.

The timing?

BRICS is taking shape like no tomorrow, which is a direct threat to US hegemony (dominant role). Also, Trump would have put a stop to all of this, but will he ever get the chance?

The media (a controlled propaganda machine) is hell-bent on demonising both China and Russia. This is always the prelude to war.

In 1958, in the Pawns In The Game book, WW3 was to be instigated by conflict between Jews and Muslims. The author, William Guy, knew their plans, and he was absolutely right by all accounts.