Conscription?- Get f**ked!

Started by Bossman, Jan 29, 2024, 11:06 AM

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Multiculturalism has been forced upon us, down our throats, ON PURPOSE. Such people as we are now, being from all over the place, with different backgrounds and cultures, lack a sense of belonging to any particular place, having a more world-wide association.

To fight for your country takes staunch nationalism, something that has been frowned upon since WW2. It does not bode well for those expecting us to lay down our lives to fight a war we know has been created by incompetent, even traitorous, politicians.

In this day and age, people will probably side with the enemy rather than with the UK. People have become too informed about the way the US and the UK go about their business. We cause wars rather than seek peace with anyone. We are literally troublemakers of the worst sort.