Could Putin be a part of the New World Order?

Started by Bossman, Feb 02, 2024, 12:40 PM

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Could Putin be a part of the New World Order?

He could well be.  If he is, then we are sunk.  Why?  Because the role he will play is the instigator of war.  Even if he isn't a member of the New World Order, he could well play the role assigned to him whether he wants it or not.  Why am I becoming concerned over this? 

There is a lot of talk out there, amongst the elites, that planet earth is way overcrowded.  Depopulation is necessary, according to them.  How could this be brought about?  Well, a controlled nuclear war would sure do it.  A 'controlled' nuclear war?

Maybe it is possible to blitz just a part of the earth, enough to remove most of us from the equation, leaving enough for them.  Who knows, but it appears we are once again being led by the nose towards war.

If the attainable goal is 500 million then 7.5 billion people have to be disposed of.  They have tried vaccination, which is the ideal vehicle for depopulation purposes, they have tried feminising menfolk, and it has been quite effective. They have taxed people to the hilt, so they can no longer afford to raise children, but all of this is taking too long.  Vaccination, as I have mentioned, is perfect for the job (sterilisation and direct culling), so expect another assault quite soon.  But, in the mix, they might well create a war, or even wars, in an effort to speed things up.  Or even create wars for other purposes.

I could ignore all these signs and just watch silly videos or take up some hobby or other, but a fat lot of good it will do to be taken for surprise.

If we don't watch it, they will start wars, wars the UK people will have to take part in.  Watch for the signs because they are already appearing.


Yet another sign ...

These guys are not stupid. To protect themselves from what? Wars, revolutions and direct assault I should think.

Why are more and more billionaires building luxury bunkers?

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