Breaking Bad Trailer (First Season) plus a few choice words

Started by Bossman, Aug 04, 2023, 10:58 AM

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Walter H. White is a chemistry genius, but works as a chemistry teacher in an Albuquerque, New Mexico high school. His life drastically changes when he's diagnosed with stage III terminal lung cancer, and given a short amount of time left to live: a mere matter of months. To ensure his handicapped son and his pregnant wife have a financial future, Walt uses his chemistry background to create and sell the world's finest crystal methamphetamine. To sell his signature "blue meth," he teams up with Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his. The meth makes them very rich very quickly, but it attracts the attention of his DEA brother in law Hank. As Walt and Jesse's status in the drug world escalates, Walt becomes a dangerous criminal and Jesse becomes a hot-headed salesman. Hank is always hot on his tail, and it forces Walt to come up with new ways to cover his tracks.

My thoughts ...

It was surprisingly good at times but surprisingly bad at other times. The plot twists were sometimes just ridiculous.  My main gripe with the series was the lack of empathy I felt for any of the characters as they all appeared to be obnoxious twerps, with a capital O and T, who all made the most ludicrous life choices .  I was hoping certain individuals would meet they maker before the end, I was rooting for it to happen in fact.  It was probably the intense cliff hangers that kept me wanting more, though.  I stuck with it to the very end, which was quite a ride.  Overall I found the trip somewhat disturbing on a number of levels.  Would I recommend it?  Worth a shot I reckon but you might find yourself ranting and raving at times.  You have been warned.

Off the back of the above was a series called 'Better Call Saul', which portrays the life of a somewhat corrupt lawyer.  I shall write further on this series when I have watched a few more episodes.