I am back in the saddle!

Started by Bossman, Aug 09, 2023, 08:35 PM

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I have trained quite hard this year, but I have little to show for it.  The reason being?  My damn weight.  I am around 10lbs overweight.  This isn't dreadful, but it is enough for my body to complain, big time.  Anyhoo, I took a week off because my damn knees were hurting and I just didn't feel right.  When I weighed (reluctantly) I had put on weight.  It is the kiss of death to my running is extra weight.  Just a few lbs makes the world of difference and always has.  What was needed?  A change of diet is what, so I have gone back to my tried and trusted veg diet.

I ran again today after a week off.  I felt pretty good, thankfully.  I intend to stick, rigidly, to my diet from now on.  It is undoubtedly the answer to all things of a bodily nature.