What on earth has happened to Britain’s police? The problem is not limited to West Yorkshire.

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Police officers 'getting younger and younger' in astonishing photo

Alfie and Noah's youthful appearance has ignited a social media storm (Image: SWNS)
An incredible photo has Twitter users divided over the age of police officers, with one person saying "they're getting younger and younger".

The image features two recent recruits, Alfie and Noah, from West Yorkshire Police, proudly posing. However, their youthful appearance has ignited a wave of comments, some of which are far from kind.

After their superintendent shared the picture on Twitter, these student officers became the target of a torrent of vile abuse. One social media user claimed they had been "1000% bullied at school," while another questioned whether the pension had become so dire officers now had to start at the age of 12.

Despite the onslaught, several serving cops came to their defence, urging them to "stay safe and keep believing". Even those who wished them well acknowledged the photo was evidence of officers becoming "younger and younger".

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However, the trolls continued their onslaught. One nasty individual commented: "The 10-year-old could have washed his hands before his pic with the boss" while another asked: "Has puberty struck yet?"

Amid the negativity, there were some slightly kinder comments. One post read: "They literally look like school kids, but fair play and massive respect for putting their heads above the wall to take this career on". A former police officer chimed in, saying: "I joined at 19 and thought I looked young, but my God they look like school children. That being said I in no way doubt their ability to do the job and wish them well."

Others echoed the sentiment, with one user exclaiming: "Blimey ma'am, they are looking younger and younger. Good luck all! Enjoy it and welcome to the policing family."

According to West Yorkshire Police's website, individuals applying to join the force must have reached the age of 18 to become student officers. Although training can last up to 22 weeks, these recruits are permitted to carry tasers during this period, with one of them believed to be carrying a stun gun in the photo.

Chief Superintendent Chris Casey, commander for British Transport Police in London and the South East, took to social media to defend the pair. He said: "Huge welcome to policing Noah and Alfie! A job like no other! I recall starting as a very you[ng] looking 18-year-old special at @‌AstonWMP - a steep learning curve, but looking young didn't hold me back."

Despite the trolling, many responded by wishing the young recruits success in their future careers. A serving officer shared: "Brings back floods of memories with this photo! Being a young police officer once upon a time, I totally relate to the mix of nerves, excitement, and determination that these officers must be feeling. I wish them all the success in their career. Stay safe and keep believing."

Another user expressed appreciation for the officers, writing: "Both officers look immaculate. STAY SAFE and keep your eye on your oppo. Most of us members of the public appreciate the job more than some people will ever know."

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